Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Runnin From the Fuzz final explination

Alright everyone time for an explanation for what happened with Runnin from the fuzz. Basically I was scheduled to release footage for the rest of the week for the series and then end it on Thursday, but what happened was i ended up deleting all my footage of the police chases before I voiced them over, meaning, well its done. I was already going to stop the series and Im not going to go get more footage for the week just to end, if I get people who are interested in the show again i'll revive it and start again but for now it was fun while it lasted, get ready for I suck at world of tanks six days a week, when I add new shows one of a few things will happen, A) I will continue to release ISWOT six days a week with other shows on the days I decide for them. B) move the shows down to Monday Wednesday and Friday like normal and add shows between them on Sunday Tuesday and Thursday. More than likely I will do A before B. Also when World of Warplanes is released I fully plan on doing videos for those also and I will do the same set up, each type of plane one match per plane adding two planes together to come with one video, but that is a while down the road and we will get there when we get there.

I suck at world of tanks 36

here's episode number 36 light tank and medium tanks today enjoy full episodes of LT and MT next week, also small explanation for Runnin from the fuzz later today enjoy the video!

Monday, November 28, 2011

I suck at World of Tanks 35

here we go after long last and all day working on videos here is I suck at World of Tanks 35!

Runnin from the fuzz....

Well it seems I did a post on this on Thursday, seems I slipped into a turkey coma and completely forgot, so if you want to read below go ahead but most of it is the same as the last blog

Hello everyone its time for an explanation of where runnin from the fuzz was for Sunday, basicly what happened is I got caught up with work and didn't get it done, it will come out Monday along with world of tanks, now for the big shocker for everyone, when I run out of runnin from the fuzz footage im stopping the series not enough views and doesn't seem like people like it, so its going away, may come back one day but for now its gone, but that means that world of tanks will now be shown six days a week with light and medium tanks being shown Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, with tank destroyer and spgs on Monday,  Wednesday and friday. Todays might be a little late with the holidays and the sudden surge of work i'm behind on my voice overs but look for it today


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy thanksgiving

Hello everyone happy thanksgiving to all my american brethren and happy Thursday to everyone else. I thought I would take this time to announce a few things. First and foremost after much thought and consideration I have decided to stop runnin from the fuzz, I have a few days worth of footage left that will be released but after that no more at least for now, no one really seems to want to watch them so goodbye for now. Next up is with runnin from the fuzz gone we have three days worth of no content, well too damn bad I have that solved, this may happen before we run out of runnin from the fuzz footage but starting soon on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday I will have I suck at world of tanks light tanks and medium tanks, this will add all of the classes to the footage real minus the heavy tanks.
Third and not least out of all of my tanks I am currently sitting at all of them being level 3 minus my tank destroyer which is at 4 I am hoping by Sunday this will change and all tanks will be in the 4 level range, I should be in game most of this weekend, stop by to see me, for now that is all I shall see you all soon.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Runnin from the fuzz 11

Episode number 11 of runnin from the fuzz is up check it out, trying to get new footage today (damn maintenance) if you want to hit me up with a friend request shoot it on out bronzestout is the name on need for speed world, see ya out there.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Runnin from the fuzz 10

Episode number ten of runnin from the fuzz is up. sorry its so late I've been fighting a cold sense Thursday which means i had to do the voice over today so i hope everything sounds right.

Friday, November 18, 2011

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Need for speed world patch

Needless to say I did not know there was a patch being released today until I tried to sign in this evening. Now while downloading I opened the patch notes and proceeded to freak the fuck out, lol. All I saw was we have removed police from free roam, well turns out they made police chases into events for single player so no accidentally hitting cops and going on chases, I was worried at first but after trying one,  this is better for recording i'll have a video up soon of the change.

I suck at World of Tanks 30

here is episode number 30 for I suck at world of tanks. wanted to go ahead and get it posted tell me what you think about my ESL entry too

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

ESL entry video

Alright everyone i got it done early so im posting it up here now, i sent in the email already wish me luck.

world of tanks and ESL

Alright it was brought to my attention today that ESL is doing a contest for shoutcasters. the winner gets 150 euros and a chance at a job as a shoutcaster for ESL so well I'm going to have a video up either today or tomorrow that is not in the normal line up. it will be my entry for ESL so you will see it, it will be posted here and such as normal but it will very much be the most straight forward shoutcasting video i have done. so here's hoping.

Runnin from the Fuzz 8

hey everyone sorry for the sound quality by the time i found the problem it was too late to fix, and Thursdays video will probably be the same so next week will be better.

Monday, November 14, 2011

I suck at world of tanks 29

Episode number 29 of I suck at world of Tanks check it out and check out the game!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Runnin from the fuzz 7

here's the video for Runnin from the fuzz 7 sorry it got posted here so late youtube is having issues with processing videos so i had to wait till i got off work, enjoy

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Need for speed world explained

Alright I said this was coming and I haven't really had time until today and even then I'm now sitting in bed posting from my phone. Most of the time for today was taken going over scheduling (more on that later when I have more on it). Now back to the original reason.
EA decided about a year and a half ago to release a new need for speed game, one unlike any other they had released, first it was going to be for PC only,  second it was going to be an mmo (not a first for the industry but more on that below), third it was going to be free.
The last part threw everyone for a loop, EA is going to make a game and its going to be free to play. Game changer, now playing in the game is really basic (explains the free part) and we shall move onto that point now.
The game is basic not going to lie. There are a few kind of races, sprint: from start point to the end point,  distance can very.
Race: basic racing 1-2 laps
There are a couple of races that are team based off of running from the police as a team in a time limit.
Notice no drag racing, or drift races.
Outside of racing you have your basic customization you can upgrade your engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, tires, and super charger. You can not tune the parts to make them run better.
You can change the way your car looks, colors, vinyl, rims, body kits, and neon. Only issue is most of these that look good require you to spend real money, no neon unless you pay, most body kits, rims etc, all money. 
as far as cars go there are three tiers of cars 1-3. Most cars can be bought a couple ways, some cars have a preset you can buy special colors and such, but you have to pay real cash, some cars are rental only you can keep them for a few days, they are good if you want to get some experience or cash, and then you have the good ole fashioned buy with in game money.
Now to the weird part of the game, the levels and experience.  You gain experience from winning races, running from the cops, and there is a daily quest you can do. Racing gives you more experience than from running from the cops, but finishing the quest should be done everyday if you can manage, the daily quest consist of collecting 15 gems from an area. Its rather easy to do if you look at your map and pay attention.
The key part of the levels is to control people buying higher cars than your level range so you don't get blown away.
And that's all I can think of to really sink into this huge post, anyone has any questions feel free to ask.

Friday, November 11, 2011

I suck at world of tanks 28

Check it out, got it uploaded early this morning but couldn't do annotations and all of this fun stuff till now hope everyone enjoys, remember spread the love around.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sd gundam capsule fighter beta footage

Alright everyone we have come to the end of our Sd gundam beta footage so this will be the final video until either the next beta or till the game opens and i may not do any even then

Runnin from the fuzz 6

New episode of Runnin from the fuzz uploaded today, I will be doing an explanation of what the game really is and such like i did with world of tanks here soon but till then enjoy the video

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I suck at World of Tanks explination

Alright last night I made a post showing off my newest video of I suck at World of Tanks, without thinking about it I realized after i made the post that i had never posted a video here for this series so now its time for explanations about the show.

Basically what you have is me playing the game World of Tanks, This is a Free to play MMO pvp tank game, The idea behind the whole game is you start off in your basic light tank, when you go into your matches the objective is to do one of two things, either A) kill all enemy tanks or B) capture the other teams base. Generally its easier to kill all other tanks but sometimes you will get down to where the opposing team has 2-3 tanks left and its easier to get over to the other base and capture it. as you finish matches and win or lose you gain experience as you gain experience you add that into parts for your tank, you can upgrade your turret, your gun, tracks, engine, and radio. eventually after buying newer parts and upgrades you will earn enough experience to upgrade to the next tier of tanks. from light tanks you can either stay in the light tank category or move on to a few different categories, you have the light tank, the medium tank, the Heavy tank, the Spg (artillery) and the Tank destroyer.

Each tank is designed to do something different. The light tank is designed to take a lot of damage when hit, but moves really fast, the idea is to run into the enemies and pass by them while maybe shooting as you pass, you are a scout for the artillery. your main source of experience is to discover other tanks so that people know where they are.

Medium Tanks, The idea behind the medium tank is to be a Flank, Come up the sides of maps shooting at vulnerable targets and retreating when necessary.

Heavy tanks, You are slow end of story you move up the middle of the field shooting at everything, you cannon is huge and it hits hard, the only problem for you is Tank destroyers and SPGS

Tank Destroyers, Hello my little Friend lol, Tank destroyers are designed to be an ambush attacker, hide in bushes behind rocks what ever you can hide behind so no one sees you, then as they pass by take your shot, your gun is designed to pack a huge punch especially to the medium and heavy tanks, there are many videos you will see where i can hit someone from the side and get a one shot

SPG, the spg is every ones most hated/loved class. Everyone loves having a good arty on their side, but everyone hates when the other team has a good arty. I have had many comments on "Cheating arty" "typical arty hiding" "arty's are overpowered" I'm going to squash that right here and right now. Artys are Overpowered as hell, But (you knew there was a but in there) there are a few factors here, One if you are not good at your shots it doesn't matter how overpowered you are. You have to be able to hit the Target, if you cant make contact it doesn't matter how strong your gun is or how hard your shell hits. Second, your tank is the weakest when it comes to armor, If a Medium, heavy or Tank destroyer get near you that's generally the end, while sometimes you can come out of zoomed in mode to take a shot and sometimes get lucky, but one or two shots from them is generally the end, from a light tanks shots it could take 4=5 shots.Third, what some people do not realize is Artys can see the whole map, but we CANNOT SEE TANKS the only way we can see a tank on the map is if some other tank can see them, hence radio is a huge deal to Spg's

Now after all that lovely huge message up there, there is more lol. Each tank generally has the main gun it comes with, you will have 1-3 different gun upgrades from there on out, each gun can use from 2-3 different shells. There is generally either a Free shell (cost no in game money) for some tanks then eventually you will pay in game money for shells. There is also Gold shells, gold shells are paid for buy using the gold currency which is bought with real money and used in game.

Which brings me to my next quick point, Gold can be bought and used for quite a few things, one it can be used to move your experience, when you buy all upgrades on a tank it reaches elite status and all experience can be moved to other tanks buy using gold. you can use gold and exchange to in game currency. There are premium tanks in the game that you buy with gold, these tanks are not the best tanks in game but they generally give you move money per win. Gold can also be used to rename your men, you have a crew from two to upwards of eight per tank, you can pay to rename them, pay to train them to your tank.

Crews alright last but not least (this is a really long post). Your crew is everything to your tank. First off you have to have a crew in your tank or big surprise you can't use that tank. Your crew starts out at 50% training, you can pay 200,000 silver to train your whole crew up to 75% or pay 200 gold to train your whole crew to 100% each training makes differences in your battle, a radio operator at 100% will see further than a radio operator at 50%, a Gunner at 100% will load faster than a 50% see the pattern? Your crew can move with you from tank to tank, although you may have to add members here and there. Each time you switch a tank you can either retrain your crew or leave them as is, if you decide to leave them as is the crew gains experience slower than normal and generally doesn't shoot or move as fast as they could (they don't know the tank so confusion) its your choice to either retrain and start over at 50% (or higher if you pay) or keep them where they are even with the loss.

Alright that's my "Little" over view of World of Tanks now you can watch me suck at it and understand what the hell I'm going on about

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sd Gundam Capsule Fighter beta footage 5

once again posting early just to do things tomorrow

I suck at World of Tanks 27

New Video for I suck at World of Tanks kind of early I have some things to do tomorrow that keep me from my Computer at home so I uploaded it now, but i'll have more info here on what World of Tanks is tomorrow see you then.

SD Gundam Capsule Fighter beta 4

Hello everyone kind of busy here today new beta footage for SD Gundam Capsule Fighters! so without any further ado I give you episode 4


Alright time to make a Schedule. These are the days that I will release videos and the videos that will come out on those here we go

  • Runnin from the Fuzz - Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
  • I suck at World of Tanks - Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Beta Footage for games - Any day that I have it. I will try to release Beta footage as it is completed and every day in a row
  • Saturdays - Will currently not have a video If i get a wild hair up my ass I may do a video showing off my cars and my tanks specs but other than that for now nothing, I typically work this day and just don't have time, also beta footage can still come out on Saturdays. 
Alright everyone that is my schedule I'm going to keep it up, this all includes holidays, just because I'm uploading a video doesn't mean I did everything for it that day, it was done days in advanced so holidays will have videos also!

Runnin from the Fuzz

Welcome everyone to episode number 5 of Runnin from the Fuzz. Now while this may be episode number five numbers one through four were all being counted at pilot episodes. Today I am happy to Announce that Runnin from the Fuzz is my newest series. After this post I will make another Showing my Schedule for video release dates, but until then check out Runnin from the Fuzz

Monday, November 7, 2011

Gundam beta Footage has started to release a new game to they're line up. Next out for them is SD Gundam Capsule Fighter. I managed to get a beta key for the last closed beta and I've been recording. So without further ado here is Episode 3 of my beta footage.


alright went ahead and did the google+
I think that works, i dont know im new to the whole damn thing, add me if you like

Been a while

Hello everyone its been a while sense i have made a post, But Im getting back to posting here and also posting my videos. I have been posting videos sense the last time I posted here but now there will be more posted here than just videos. Second, I have many videos up my I suck at world of Tanks is doing good Im also starting a new one called Runnin from the fuzz based on me running from the cops in Need For Speed World, I also have    Beta footage for Sd Gundam capsule Fighter so check them all out, Im also going to be making a Fan Google+ and i will post that here soon, but i'll see y'all around here more often