Monday, April 4, 2011


alright currently no new video today, my private email got hacked and started sending out fake emails, so i changed everything so that i now have an email for work, and email for youtube and twitter and such, and a private email. and there in-lies the problem, with youtube you cannot change your e-mail from your original to a new one no matter what the reason, so without further ado we have my new channel all of my old videos are being re-posted now and will be up by tomorrow followed by hopefully two new videos, i have the one for today completed but it needed to be put back so i could get everything else in order, also i have footage for all week, just need to do the voice overs for them, but until next time.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

ok so....

Ok so my day job is getting a little too hectic for me to be able to have enough videos for the weekend and still have them out, so from now on videos will only be released from monday - friday. This way we can have two assassin creed videos, two darksiders videos, and either a flashback friday or another style of video im looking into currently, but more on that later. Currently im hoping to have a new video tomorrow and through the week. So until next time
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